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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Brother Wants You To Be Thin

It is in every human being’s best interest to love themselves. Without that grounding of basic self-respect, it is impossible to live a truly contented life. However, self-love can be extremely hard to come by these days, since everywhere we go and everywhere we turn, we receive the message that we are not good enough. It’s not just fat people who are subjected to this: It’s everyone. Plus-sized women, however, do encounter it more than most.

So what do we do about it? How do we arm ourselves with a protective shield to prevent these messages from getting into our minds and causing all kinds of trouble?

The first key is awareness. Be aware of the messenger.

Who are the primary culprits delivering these messages? Corporations. Diet companies. The diet industry is a huge money-making business. Here are a few numbers that will open your eyes:

In 2006, the weight loss market was worth $55.4 billion. The forecast for 2010, at that time, was $68.7 billion. Here are the 2006 profits for some noteworthy diet peddlers: Weight Watchers: $1.2 billion; NutriSystem: $568 million; Jenny Craig: $462 million; Slim Fast: $310 million; LA Weight Loss: $500 million.

In 2006, the profits for “meal replacements” such as protein bars and products toted as diet “snacks” were $1.17 billion. Diet soft drinks: $19 billion.

In looking at these numbers – numbers from 5 years ago, mind you -- do you think these companies might have a vested interest in getting you as a client? Don’t forget there are all kinds of “secondary” businesses that feed off the diet industry, such as gyms, spas, diet book authors, women’s magazines … the list goes on and on.

The diet industry is BIG business. Period. It is in their best interest to convince us that we are fat, ugly, out of shape, unhealthy, lonely, will never be loved or successful unless we are thin, etc.

It’s also in their best interest that their programs or products are ineffective, because if they were effective, we wouldn’t need them anymore, would we? Do you really think these companies are in business out of the kindness of their hearts? Do you think they just want to help us be happy, beautiful people, and gratefully close their doors when we have all accomplished that?

The diet industry feeds off people's insecurities and their desperation to "fit in" or please everyone else. In my opinion, it's just as evil as "big tobacco" (as chronicled in the brilliant film "The Insider").

Please, ladies … close your eyes and ears to all the greedy, conniving manipulation. Use your common sense when it comes to eating healthy, and make sure you get some daily exercise. That is all you need to do.

Don’t deny yourself the foods you love … just eat them in moderation. If you feel like having an ice cream sundae, have one. If you want a luscious piece of chocolate cake, have it. Pizza … enjoy it! Just don’t eat them every day, and eat just enough to satisfy your craving. As soon as you feel full, stop. You’d be surprised how little it actually takes to feel satisfied. We are prone to binging on these types of foods when we deny ourselves, and tell ourselves that it is forbidden.

Coming up in my next post: A fun exercise that will help you appreciate all your great qualities.


  1. the two cover girls were maybe 5 pounds overweight they were already toned and shapely dont know about the boobies

    corporations already rule the world but everybody is too stupid to notice or care
    remember rollerball

    the supreme court of the u s of a says corporations are persons and that they can give as much money as want to political parties so its legal to buy elections

    bank of america and g e made billions last year and paid no tax they both got fefunds

  2. I believe the two cover girls were there as "after" pictures ... this is how you can look in your bikini after you try their miracle diet ... right.

    Have you seen the documentary "The Corporation"? I haven't, but I've heard about it. It compares the "personality" of a corporation to that of a human, and concluded that if a corporation were human, it would be sociopathic and psychotic.