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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fat Blindness

Sometimes I think about some pretty weird stuff. The other day I was thinking: What would this world be like if everyone was born blind? What if our visual sense was non-existent and we were forced to assess everyone based on other factors?

I know one thing … life would be a hell of a lot different for us fat girls. We wouldn’t automatically be judged or dismissed within the space of about two seconds. People would actually pay attention to what we had to say, and decide whether or not they liked us based on what came out of our mouths and hearts.

You know how blind people use touch to “feel” what a person looks like? We would be touched so much more … people would actually get to feel the soft, springy feel of our skin, and they wouldn’t be disgusted by it … it would simply be one more way of discovering who we actually are.

By the same token, people who look socially acceptable or desirable would no longer get ahead in life simply because of their looks. They would be judged on their characters, not their dress or bikini size. They wouldn’t necessarily get the perks or the promotions that some of them take for granted, simply because they look the part. They would genuinely have to earn whatever status they acquire.

We wouldn’t automatically be discriminated against. We could walk into a job interview or social event, and we would be everyone’s equal. Men would approach us much more, because they like the sound of our voices, or what we say, or how we make them feel.

Imagine what worldwide blindness would do to the advertising industry. Marketing would have to focus more on the actual benefits of a product, as opposed to simply the “vanity” benefits. There would be no more need for designer clothes or makeup. The fashion industry would crumble.

We all know the famous phrase “love is blind”. That may be true for a fortunate few, but in our ultra-superficial world, love has become pathologically visual. I dream of a day when people of all sizes are on an equal playing field, when we are all given the same opportunities for success and happiness.

It’s pretty sad to consider that it’s only possible if one of our basic senses is simply no longer there.

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