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Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Not Over ... Just Resting

By now I guess a lot of you have noticed that I'm not posting anywhere near as much as I used to.

Partly it's due to the new job I started recently, which is taking up a great deal of my time and has hugely affected my schedule, to the point where it's very difficult to set aside any writing time at all.

However, I've decided that the precious writing time that I am able to carve into my day is best used right now to write the book I've been telling myself I'm going to write all my life. Maintaining a blog and contributing to a couple of other websites (which I still do for now, God knows how) has made that challenging. Writing a book -- at least one, if not more -- has always been one of my life's dreams. That dream is now a very real priority. 

The other reason is that I feel I have said pretty much all I have to say about fat acceptance and fat issues with the previous 87 posts in this blog. Obviously, I haven't ... there will always be more to say. But the basic tenets of fat acceptance -- the importance of loving yourself at any size, the futility of dieting and the harm that it does to your body, and the outrages of fat discrimination -- have been covered more than once here.

I may not post here as regularly as I used to, but I want to assure you that you will still be hearing from me from time to time. And I might switch it up a bit .. instead of this being a blog devoted to fat acceptance and fat issues only, I may write about non-fat-related topics that strike me.

Celebreight Yourself is not dead ... but it is sitting on the porch with its feet up, taking a breather and enjoying the sunset. I want to thank all of my regular readers for continuing to visit and I hope that you will still check in from time to time, because I will still be here.

I am just going to get a little bit quieter as I tend to a few very important necessities in my life.

For those of you who may be stumbling upon this blog for the first time ... thank you for visiting. There are plenty of posts listed on the right hand side for you to pick and choose from, two years' worth of them ... and I will always respond to comments in a timely fashion. 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for being such a faithful audience. And thank you for wanting to check on me from time to time and click on my latest Facebook link to see what I have to say next.

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